Benefits of Registering

for an Online MediTrust Pharmacy Account

As an existing or new Meditrust Pharmacy customer, all users now need to create an Online Account with MediTrust Pharmacy to take advantage of our online services.

There are many benefits of creating an Online MediTrust Pharmacy Account:

1. Securely stores your personal information and payment information

Your MediTrust Pharmacy account stores all your information and allows you to access at any time to update your information and save it for when you make any new prescription, prescription transfer or refill requests.

2. Easy to Request New Prescriptions, Prescription Transfers, and Refills

By storing and saving your personal information, health information, delivery, and payment information each time you make a request all your information is pre-populated so you just confirm your information. This saves you time each time you make a request.

3. Payment Information Security

Your payment information is securely stored. Your payment information is unidentifiable to ensure confidentiality and security.

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